Over the years we have introduced some Marmot Holiday merchandise for you to enjoy as a souvenir of your trip.  Through trial and error we have worked out that:

a) you would like to have your souvenir to take home with you.

b) it is a faff for you to pay in cash in Euros as you may not have budgeted for this and don’t want to get more cash out.

c) our leaders end up with cash heavy kitties which are tricky to manage

As a result we use the following system:

  • Try on a jersey/t-shirt to get the right size at any convenient time (for yourselves & the guides) during the trip
  • Pay using your debit/credit card via our mobile card readers.
  • You will get emailed a receipt for your purchase

We have adjusted our prices now that everything is in £, as follows:

Cycle Jerseys (Raid Pyrenean, Raid Dolomites, Raid Corsica) £28

Socks (Raid Corsica) £5.00/pair

T-shirts (Classic Cols) £16.00

Marmot Ride Guard: £6.00

Also on sale on your trips are Assos products: Skin repair Gel £16/tube & Chamois Creme £10/tub

NB:  Our leaders are very good at just about everything but some of them don’t like being a ‘Sales Person’ so they are unlikely to do a hard sell of trip merchandise.  If you want a souvenir but they haven’t yet mentioned it, just find a moment to ask them about the products on that trip and they will be able to show you….


Raid Freebie Pack

All of our Marmot Raiders receive a Freebie Raid Pack including items that you will use again and again, and that it is ok to have more than one of!   It includes:

A Marmot Raid Musette Bag: 100% cotton and made in the UK, this has a multitude of cycling/non cycling uses and proudly brags of your Raid achievements!

A 750ml Marmot Tours Water Bottle: transparent for easy level monitoring, this is a freebie that you can never have too many of.  Use it on your Raid so our guides can easily spot you on the road.

A Raid specific Velopac: A light, transparent PVC case to fit perfectly into your cycle jersey pocket and house your smart phone.  Allows use of the touch screen through the case, and is trip specific

A Marmot Buff: Made of UV resistant cotton, this can warm you on a chilly day or protect you from the sun and absorb your sweat on a hot day.  Lightweight and of course very stylish!

Marmot Tours Raid Cycling Challenge Freebie Merchandise

Cycling Kit

We have a Marmot Tours top and a range of trip specific ‘souvenir’ cycle jerseys for sale that will remind you of your holiday and your achievements!   To save our guides having to deal with the cash exchanges on our trips, during your holiday you can try on a sample jersey to check the size, grab a new jersey of the right size to wear or take home and we will note your name down to then send you an invoice after your holiday.  This can then be paid by BACS or online credit card.

In line with current exchange rates, we have reviewed our jersey prices and will be selling them for £28 for those that take one on the trip, or £32 if postage is required (i.e. if you choose to buy a jersey and have not picked it up from your holiday).

Jerseys come in both male and female cuts, all with 3 pockets at the rear and available in the following sizes: XXS, XS, S, M, L, XL and XXL (click through for sizing?).

On the Raid Alpine (in either direction), the trip souvenir is a gilet as opposed to a jersey.  This is for sale for £30 on a trip (invoice sent to you on your return) or £34 if purchased at any other time, which includes postage.

Marmot Tours team top

The perfect souvenir from your holiday. Help spread the word about Marmot Tours and get yourself kitted out with this stylish wicking sports top. With a modern design and comfortable fit, it is made in a highly breathable cool max fabric with silver ion technology (quick dry & doesn’t go whiffy!) and a 3/4 length zip.   Included as a freebie for the Tour de France Special holiday. £28 (payable post holiday by BACS/CQ or Credit Card)

Raid Corsica Jersey

The Raid Corsica Jersey has a Mediterranean feel and proudly displays your achievements.  Produced by TeroSports (John Wright is one of our most loyal clients), the jersey comes up smaller than our previous trip tops so make sure you try one on or check out the best size for your chest measurement. £28 (payable post holiday by BACS/CQ or Credit Card)TeroSports-jersey-sizechart

Raid Corsica Socks

Everyone needs great quality sports socks. Make sure yours shout about your achievements with our Raid Corsica ones, made from 100% wicking Coolmax yarn with reinforced heel and toe.  Cost is €10/pair during the trip and sizes are as follows:  Small (35 – 37), Medium (38 – 40), Large (41 – 43), XLarge (44 – 46)

Raid Dolomites Jersey

Sporting the colours of the Italian flag around the neck and arms, this stylish number will remind you and others of the gruelling challenge you have undertaken through France, Switzerland and Italy. Great for the bragging factor, all the stats are on the back so anyone behind you in those cyclosportives can’t help but be impressed! Made out of the fabulously wicking ‘Stinger’ material, it keeps you cooler in warm temperatures and has a full length zip. £28 (payable post holiday by BACS/CQ or Credit Card)

Raid Pyrenean Jersey

With the official Raid logo on the back, reproduced with kind permission from the Cyclo Club Bearnais in Pau, and a profile of the cols you climbed on the front, this classic, slightly retro jersey is testament to your achievements in the Raid Pyrenean.  Produced in quality wicking ‘M-Tec extreme’ material (quick dry, lightweight, breathable) with a full or 3/4 length zip. £28 (payable post holiday by BACS/CQ or Credit Card)

Marmot Tours Raid Pyrenean Jersey

The Raid Alpine Gilet

A super lightweight sleeveless gilet with a windproof front and breathable back that shouts out the Raid stats to the cyclists behind you on the road. It looks great over a Marmot Tours Raid Pyrenean jersey if you happen to have done both!  Quick drying Tek material with a full zip.  Sizing is as per the Marmot, Raid P or Raid D jerseys