Raid Corsica, Last spots available in 2017

Last Spots Available in 2017 on popular Marmot Tours Challenges

Grab one of the last spots available in 2017! Whilst the late summer/early autumn months are amongst our busiest, we sometimes have cancellations leading to last minute availability on previously fully booked holidays and challenges.  It means that you may still be able to get a place on a holiday to your favourite destination, or onto a … Continued

Safe descending on a Marmot Tours Holiday

The experience of ascending challenging, iconic climbs in beautiful, remote locations in the mountains of Europe is a great reason to choose a Marmot Tours holiday! The joy and satisfaction felt from reaching the top of a col that has been dreamt about for months, possibly even years, will stay with you forever. However, once … Continued

Côte de la Croix Neuve

Climb in Focus, Part 1

Cote de la Croix Neuve, Massif Central, France Nestled deep in the heartland of France’s stunning Massif Central, there exists a climb so steeped in folklore that the very mention of it strikes a combination of fear and excitement in the hearts of those who know it, and even more so into those who have … Continued

Travelling with a Bike with Hydraulic Disc Brakes

Road cycling challenges in Spain, Italy and France – Important Information This is just a quick reminder to anyone bringing a bike on their Marmot Tours Holiday or road cycle Challenge, that is equipped with Hydraulic Disc Brakes.  Please please don’t forget to put in a pad spacer in the disc brake calliper.   The spacer … Continued