Bike delivery abroad

Thinking of travelling to Europe for one of our trips but can’t face the stress and hassle of lugging your bike to and from the airport, and getting it on the plane? Well, increasingly your options are wider than taking the bike yourself, or hiring a bike on trip.   The world of courier services … Continued

Bring A Mate for £75 off..

Bring A Mate Discount (£75)  We know how great it is to holiday with friends so, focusing on trips that still have availability, we are offering you again, like last year, the chance of benefitting when you book as a group of 2 or more on selected departures.    With our ‘Bring a Mate Discount’ you each get £75 off … Continued

The Giro d’Italia – one of the greatest races of all

The Giro d’Italia takes place each May and it’s history is one of passion, politics and bravado… Velocipedes and Automobiles At the end of the 19th century road racing was confined to single day events – albeit extremely long and gruelling events such as Paris–Brest–Paris (PBP)! From the start, these bike races were used as … Continued

Travelling with a Bike - how to choose the most suitable bike box...

Bike Boxes & Bags

Flying with your bike can be a stressful experience, for you and your bike, but it needn’t be! Whilst not an exhaustive review of every bike box/case on the market, we’ve picked six of the most popular, respected, or frequently seen bike box/cases on the market and now endeavour to share with you our first-hand experience of … Continued

 A voyage of discovery; Cycling in Gran Canaria

  My previous experience of cycling through winter has been a mix of sub-zero temperatures, rain, sleet and snow, all usually accompanied by a raging head-wind. Even in our mild winter this year it can be a struggle to find the motivation to get out and ride in what is a bête noire for the … Continued