Marmot Tours’ Charity of the Year: Cycling Projects – Wheels for All

We’re delighted to be supporting Cycling Projects and their Wheels for All initiative for 2019. Marmot Tours donates £50 from every holiday cancellation we receive

Here are a few words from Ian Tierney, the Director of Cycling Projects – Wheels for All:

“Through its nationally inclusive cycling initiative Wheels for All, the charity Cycling Projects offers people of all abilities the chance to cycle on a regular basis, on their terms and in safe and picturesque settings.

The Wheels for All movement is the only network across England that ensures everyone has a beneficial cycle experience regardless of ability. At each Wheels for All centre we provide a broad range of adapted cycles including tricycles, tandems, hand cycles, quad cycle and wheelchair transporters, in settings that give people the chance to learn to cycle and then ideally to progress onto more challenging rides.

All Wheels for All sessions are supported by Wheels for All staff and volunteers who give people training and guidance and essentially putting them at ease as they learn about the cycles and how to operate the adapted cycles.

Essentially we want people of all abilities and generations to come and enjoy cycling on their terms and then ultimately to weave it into their lifestyle. We believe the Wheels for All experience will give participants choice and understanding and the offer to cycle in environments with like-minded people.

At Cycling Projects, we want to continue expanding the network of Wheels for All centres throughout the country (currently the network has over 50 locations) bringing cycling to more people in all regions (urban and rural) regardless of their perceived barriers to cycling.

With our existing Wheels for All centres we want more people to have access to the cycles, more organisations to access their local Wheels for All service and more volunteers and partners promoting and actively showcasing the benefits of inclusive cycling to their local communities.

We very much appreciate the support from Marmot Tours and look forward to creating a strong and effective partnership that will bring more cycling opportunities to all people regardless of ability.”

Marmot Tours Supporting Wheels for All Cycling Projects