Tenerife’s Teide Challenge – 6 ways in 6 days

Canary Islands

  • Cycle 6 routes up Mt Teide, ‘sea to summit’ on consecutive days
  • 5 nights in the famous Parador de las Cañadas del Teide, which also welcomes pro teams (Sky/BMC/Astana) during the winter
  • Total of 720km and 17,600m of ascent during the week
  • Optional extras available on 2 days (if you have the energy!)
  • Massage available (not included) on return to the hotel in the afternoon
  • Airport transfers from Tenerife South – lots of direct flights from UK regional airports
  • Customised support vans with attentive, experienced and proactive guides
  • Passionate service from the Marmot Tours office

Days on the bike

6 days

All the support a rider could possibly need, and more.  A great level of customer service.

G Sullivan


Tenerife is well known for being one of world’s top winter cycling destinations. With a perfect climate for cycling (average 22 degrees in Nov), dramatic scenery & smooth tarmac that climbs ‘forever’, it is easy to see why.  With this itinerary we have created a ‘pro-like’ experience; the Tenerife cycling challenge of “Mount Teide :: 6 ways in 6 days”.

Mount Teide, is an imposing volcano more or less central to this striking island in the Canaries.  It sits within a beautiful national park visited by walkers, nature lovers and of course cyclists!   Years of annual visits from pro cycling teams (Team Sky, BMC and Astana amongst others) have added a ‘cycling kudos’ to the island that is hard to beat!  There are 6 routes up the mountain, each to a height of 2360m where tarmac gives way to volcanic rock.

When the pros visit Tenerife, they go to train hard, at altitude, in the winter sun.  They go to conquer Mount Teide (2360m) and to relax, off the bike.

This is your chance to try their ‘life’ out for yourself!  We offer you fabulous and pretty challenging cycling (read on for the terrifying stats!) followed by some built in ‘downtime’ for a massage, recovery and rest.

When pitching their strength against the gradients of Mount Teide, the pro teams stay in the stunningly situated Parador de las Cañadas del Teide  on the mountain’s crater, so we will be doing the same!

To give their legs maxi recovery time so their cycling performance the next day is ‘tip top’, they rest up or enjoy a massage.  On this Marmot Tours holiday you can do the same, perhaps enjoying a little ‘pro-spotting’ (!) though we also have some optional extras you can cycle if you prefer to stay on your bike.

For more tantalising details, please read our Trip Notes and for the latest travel advice from the Foreign & Commonwealth Office including security and local laws, plus passport and visa information, check www.gov.uk/foreign-travel-advice.


Departure Dates & Prices

We have a fabulous range of destinations for you to visit and pride ourselves on guaranteeing all our departures so you can book your holiday with confidence, knowing you won’t be told last minute that there wasn’t a large enough group for it to run. However, a very few of our departures are run instead, on a ‘request only’ basis and for these, we need to get 6 people interested before we can confirm that the trip will run.

If you are interested in coming along on this holiday, then please contact the office and we can register your interest and let you know when the holiday dates might be guaranteed.



Day 0: Travel Day

Airport transfers (45 mins) at various times from Tenerife’s Southern Airport (TFS) to the welcoming 4* Hotel Villalba in the mountain hamlet of Vilaflor.  With pool and spa facilities, it offers us the perfect place to both start and end this incredible week of cycling.

If your arrival time allows then there are plenty of great cycling options from this hotel.


Full travel advice (essential reading before booking your flights) can be found in our Trip Notes.

Day 1: South West: Playa de las Américas to El Teide (88km with 2600m ascent)

To warm up the legs before taking on the most frequently cycled ascent of Mount Teide, you first head to the Mirador de la Centinela to soak up some stunning views of the south of the island.

The climb today is varied  –  pass vineyards and through pine forests to reach the crater rim where you can feast your eyes and rest your legs!

For the next 5 nights you will be staying at the Parador de las Cañadas del Teide; the only building in the Teide National Park, set in the imposing shadow of the volcanic peak up at 2150m.

Surrounded by great tarmac, the hotel is  frequented by pro-cycling teams doing winter training, so bring on a little ‘pro-spotting’ as you bask in your achievement: Route 1 – DONE!

Day 2: North: Puerto de la Cruz to El Teide (106km with 2700m ascent)

The ascent from Puerto de la Cruz up the verdant Valle de La Orotava, despite involving 43km of pure climbing, is considered to be the most beautiful of the ‘6 roads to the summit’. The road heads up into the dense forest of LA Corona Forestal and in the higher reaches of the valley, from where the views of Mt Teide and down the valley are incredible

It also has the bonus of passing through La Orotava, one of Tenerife’s most historic and architecturally interesting towns – good excuse for a breather?

Another epic climb of Mt Teide ticked off the bucket list…

Day 3: North East: Santa Cruz de Tenerife to El Teide (137km with 3400m ascent)

Only a few climbs in the world go on for over 60km and Tenerife has one of them. And yes, you are going to cycle up it today!

Santa Cruz de Tenerife offers a glimpse of the pace of ‘real life’ on Tenerife – a stark difference from the golf courses and swimming pools of the tourist corner of the South.

Variety is the spice of life and this Teide ascent is full of it – from suburbia through lush forests and bizarrely finishing in a deserted lunar- like landscape.

How many ascents left to go?

Day 4: West: Puerto de Santiago to El Teide (106km with 2590m ascent)

We’re not saying that cycling from sea level to 2300m in one go is particularly ‘easy’, but the climb from Tenerife’s Puerto de Santiago to the Teide summit is most probably the easiest. The gradients are generally kind(er) and the scenery is suitably distracting: from the impressive cliffs of Los Gigantes at sea level to the most recent lava flows of Volcán Chinyero near the top.  Plenty of opportunity (excuses) to pause for photos anyway!

Today there is the option of detouring into the rugged Teno mountains and the isolated hamlet of Masca adding 22km and 800m of ascent to the ride.

Day 5: East: Puertito de Güímar to El Teide (122km with 3300m ascent)

Not many people take on El Teide from Puerto de Güímar….this may be due to the limited population of this sleepy coastal town, or, more likely, due to the rather savage gradients of the eastern side of the island (you might notice!)

Whilst in the area (on the way up or down) we highly recommend the short detour to the famous pyramids of Güímar.

There is an optional extra today, if you are game…! Take a longer route to get to the Puerto de Güímar, via Vilaflor and a spectacular TF28 road that traverses around the South Easterly flank of the volcano, adding 25km and 400m of ascent.

Day 6: South East: El Médano to El Teide (127km with 3100m ascent)

Descending to the South Coast and the town of El Médano, (incidentally the kite surfing capital of Tenerife so lets hope for a tail wind) is the start of the second most popular route to the summit of Mt Teide.  Read the Cyclist Magazines’ Big Ride in Aug 2016 for the small print but it goes without saying that the route goes up, and goes on!  The town of Granadilla (rather randomly home to a women first division football team!) is well situated for a sneaky coffee and a moment to reflect that this is your last ascent of the holiday!

The sense of achievement as you crest El Tabonal Negro for the final time today will be immense and very well deserved. You have earnt some serious bragging rights.

So, it’s time to tott up the ‘pro-spotting’ competition results from the week, and, with a last glance at the mighty El Teide, turning to descend back down to Villaflor for a chilled ‘El Teide’ cerveza on the terrace of the hotel.

Day 7: Travel Day

All good things must come to an end. We will transfer you back to Tenerife’s Southern airport (TFS) at various times during the day.


Full travel advice (essential reading before booking your flights) can be found in our Trip Notes.