Cathy Thompson

Administrative Director

I started off doing a Biology degree at Nottingham University.  I didn’t know I was going to become an Occupational Therapist but I fell into it volunteering in a school in Canada and ended up signing up for a 2 year Post Grad OT course with Brighton University, qualifying in 1998.  I went on to work for Surrey County Council as a Community OT for 7 years and loved my role and the people I worked with.

I moved to the Pyrenees to live with James (who I met in Nottingham) in 2005 and didn’t expect to become so involved in Marmot Tours, but now, 10 years down the line, I can barely remember doing anything else.  It is fabulous, challenging, demanding and rewarding.  I may be office based but it is our office, our business, our product, and we are proud of what we do.

The Open University Professional Certificate in Management course that I did in 2005 didn’t even come close to preparing me for the multi tasking, multi-faceted role that you have when you run your own company, but I admit that I am just a little bit addicted to the buzz and the work and I love that no 2 days are the same.

With 2 gorgeous little ones on the scene (Jack was born in 2008 and Sophie in 2011), I have my hands full but I am supported by the wonderful Sabine, Catherine and Kate.

I hope that you enjoy your experience of Marmot Tours – it completely matters to James and I that you do as the company is an extension of us both and we continuously strive to get it right.

Wishing you a very happy Holiday…