Tour of Sardinia and Corsica



  • Back-to-back holidays on these beautiful Mediterranean islands. Why content yourself with one island when you can enjoy two?
  • Complimentary transport between the islands + accommodation on the transfer evening
  • Flexible itinerary to suit mixed ability groups with optional extras for those looking for a challenge
  • Cycle at your own pace during the ride, so there is no being held up or holding others up
  • Enjoy delicious Sardinian and Corsican cuisine with all evening meals & wine included
  • Excellent support from 2 fully customised support vans and 2 experienced, proactive guides focused on making your holiday the best it can be

Days on the bike

12 days

the support Marmot Tours gave us was flawless

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Although very close, the Mediterranean islands of Sardinia and Corsica are remarkably different. One thing they do have in common is that they are both great places to ride a bike! This two-week holiday is a combination of our Sardinian Classics and our Classic Cols of Corsica holidays. Our vehicles travel between the islands, so we thought it would be nice to offer a lift to anyone wanting to explore both. What’s more, we’ll throw in a complimentary ferry ticket and a night’s accommodation in Bonifacio!

Further information about each week can be found on the Trip Notes for each holiday. We will require you to book each trip separately, so this will count as two holidays when it comes to your loyalty discount.

In case you’re wondering “What’s the difference between Sardinia and Corsica?” (something we’re often asked), we posted a blog to answer this question (in two parts, in fact – there was a lot to say!). It’s a great read and we hope it gives you a flavour of what to expect for each island. You can read Part I & Part II by following these links.

For the latest travel advice from the Foreign & Commonwealth Office, including security and local laws, plus passport and visa information, check

Departure Dates & Prices

Single Room Supplement
9th May - 24th May
Single Room Sup. £595.00
19th Sep - 4th Oct
Single Room Sup. £675.00

We are pleased to offer some tempting discounts on the basic trip cost (not including extras such as single rooms or bike hire):

  • Book & pay your deposit more than 6 months in advance of the start of your holiday for our 5% Early Bookers discount
  • Be rewarded for your loyalty by receiving a 10% discount from your 3rd Marmot trip onwards
  • Get a group of 10+ people together for a 10% Group discount

Please note that there is a maximum 10% discount on any holiday.



Day 0: Travel Out

We offer included airport transfers from Cagliari Airport to the 4* Spa Resort Hotel SaMuvara (1hr 45min). Situated up at 800m, in the heart of the Gennargentu mountains, this is the perfect place to start and end your holiday. Assemble your bike (or set up your hire bike) before the welcome briefing and dinner. For those arriving early, the afternoon can be spent relaxing by the pool, or there are several good rides that can be done from the hotel.

Full travel and group airport transfer information can be found in our Trip Notes.

Day 1: Aritzo to Valico Strisaili

Today’s ride is the perfect introduction to cycling in Sardinia. Circumnavigate the Gennargentu Massif on a series of quiet roads to Arcu Correboi (1246m). The views from here are spectacular and the descent on the ‘old road’ is an absolute gem: the gradients are constant, the corners are sweeping and it is virtually traffic free! On reaching the valley bottom you undulate through a sparse landscape of rock and ancient oak trees.

Your destination is the 4* Orlando Resort Hotel, nestled in Santa Barbara National Park. With a fine kitchen, spa & pool facilities you will be pleased to hear that we stay here for the next two nights. Retiring gracefully to a lounger is a good option, but, as always, there is more cycling to be done and the Arzana loop will certainly test your legs.

Classic Route: 83km with 1600m ascent [ride profile]
Challenge Route: 110km with 2300m ascent [ride profile]

Day 2: Tour of Monte Tonneri

The mountainous landscape to the West is your playground for today. Undulate  around the craggy flanks of Monte Tonneri on a narrow and very pleasing road, surely built for cycling pleasure! A vast reservoir, vertical limestone cliffs, ancient forests, olive plantations and massive rock columns are all on the menu. Needless to say, there are a few cheeky little climbs towards the end of the day to ensure you build up your appetite for another feast at the Orlando Resort.

Today’s optional extra takes you on an epic descent, almost to sea level, down the Western side of the mighty Rio Flumendosa. The return to your hotel at 900m requires that you dig deep and take on the 16km climb up the Eastern side of the valley. It is a stunning climb, through terraced plantations and vineyards.

Classic Route: 83km with 1400m ascent [ride profile]
Challenge Route: 123km with 2300m ascent [ride profile]

Day 3: Valico Strisaili to Cala Gonone

Leaving your mountain retreat behind, you climb gently to Valico Talana (1100m) for a breathtaking view of the coastal plain way below. The only way is down (fun!) and this descent has style! Next up is the magnificent Orientale Sarda road, showcased by the Giro d’Italia in Spring 2017. Built in the 1800’s, it is a feat of engineering and climbs up to the Passo di Genna Silana (1008m).

Your destination is the beach front hotel Bue Marino in Cala Gonone, a quiet coastal village once only accessible by sea. Luckily for you they bored a hole through the mountain and laid a fantastic series of hairpins, guaranteed to deliver you to the coast with a smile on your face.
If relaxing on the beach (cocktails anyone?) is not your thing, then at the end of the day there is the rather silly option of taking on the locally famed Strava segment up the concrete road that scales the cliff to the North of town. It is only 2.2km long, but with average gradients of 10% it will get your heart pounding!
Classic Route:  79km with 1300m ascent [ride profile]
Challenge Route: 122km with 2200m ascent [ride profile]

Day 4: Cala Gonone to Bitti

Re-acquaint yourself with the fantastic hairpins of yesterday evening, leaving the coast of Cala Gonone behind you as you climb. From here, undulate down onto the coastal plains that lead you to Siniscola at the foot of Monte Albo (820m), a massive white limestone ridge. The climb is ‘jaw dropping’, benefitting from both mountain and sea views. Continue on this quiet and winding road before turning inland once again, ticking off the final few km to the restaurant just over the summit.

Suitably fed and watered, you meander with a downhill bias into the picturesque pastoral village of Bitti, famous for its Tenores (and nothing to do with Little Britain!) and the fabulous boutique-style 4* Hotel Su Lithu. As always, there are a few optional climbs for those wanting a bit more at the end of the day, making the most of the limestone ridge.

Easier Route: 102km with 1600m ascent
Classic Route: 114km with 1850m ascent [ride profile]
Challenge Route: 148km with 2800m ascent [ride profile]

Day 5: Bitti to Lago di Gusana

The promise of empty roads with good surfaces, huge views and interesting landscapes should help draw you from the hotel this morning. Climb gently through cork plantations before enjoying a delightful descent to cross the central plain of the island. A couple of sharp climbs take you to the town of Sarule, where the day’s options start. The most direct route takes you via the historic town of Gavoi, which is well worth exploring. The Classic route skirts around the edge of Lago di Chucchinadorza and the Challenge route takes you over the mountains of Teti and Tiana.
All roads lead down to the Lago di Gusana and the 4* Hotel Taloro,  built on a peninsula jutting out into the reservoir.
Easier Route: 75km with 1350m ascent [ride profile]
Classic Route: 96km with 1650m ascent [ride profile]
Challenge Route: 127km with 2400m ascent [ride profile]

Day 6: Lago di Gusana to Aritzo

For your final day it seems fitting to cycle up the highest surfaced road in Sardinia. Your destination is the refuge of Bruncu Spina (1570m), which is the islands only ski resort (more of a shed with a couple of lifts!). Climbing directly from the hotel (650m), the forests give way to open moorland and spectacular views. The climb itself is full of character and although the gradients are generally kind, there are a few short, challenging sections (up to 12%). It is well worth the effort though and the descent is exquisite.

A short climb takes you back up the Arcu de Tascusì (1245m) for lunch. Here you have the option of heading directly to the Hotel SaMuvara, where your adventure began or taking the long way home which includes a few more short climbs. Then it’s time for a party!

Classic Route: 73km with 1600m ascent [ride profile]
Challenge Route: 94km with 2300m ascent [ride profile]

Day 7: Travel to Corsica

After you have said goodbye to your new mates from the Sardinian Holiday, the morning is free to relax at the hotel and enjoy a bit of time off the bike. In the afternoon we will transfer (4hrs) to the port of Santa Teresa Gallura in time for the 17:00 ferry to Corsica. In just under an hour you dock in the spectacular and naturally protected harbour of Bonifacio.

We stay in a hotel within walking distance of Bonifacio. Tonight’s dinner is not included, giving you the opportunity to explore this historic fortified town.


Day 8: Short ride from Porticcio

We transfer you to Porticcio (3 hrs) via Figari Aiport in the morning. This will give you plenty of time for an afternoon ride in the hills behind the hotel (climb to 550m for some spectacular views) or relax on the beach and enjoy the cafés!

The rest of your Corsican group will arrive throughout the afternoon. We will get together in the evening for a trip briefing and good dinner.

Day 9: Ajaccio to Zonza

Your Corsican adventure starts by undulating down the coastline to Propriano for a coffee in the idyllic harbour. The first climb up the Col de Mela (717m) is relatively gentle followed by undulations through fantastic rural scenery to the mountain hamlet of Zonza. Here you can head to the hotel swimming pool or continue (up) to the beautiful Col de Bavella (1218m), a Mecca for rock climbers and walkers taking on sections of the GR20. Some of you might even be tempted to continue to the Col de Larone (600m), so you can take on the Col de Bavella (1218m) from the steep side.

Classic route: 91km with 1550m ascent [ride profile]
Challenge Route: 109km and 2000m ascent [ride profile]
Optional Extra: Col de Bavella N – adds 24km and 800m ascent

Day 10: Zonza to Aleria

Today you explore the mountainous interior of the island on an amazing road linking remote unspoilt villages; expect to see more pigs than people today!  We all set off over the Col de La Vaccia (1194m) and the Col de Verde (1289m) to Ghisoni. Here those on the Classic Route continue to descend down the spectacular gorge of the Orbu river to our hotel in the town of Aleria with its Roman ruins (worth a visit!).

Those on the Challenge Route will head upwards from Ghisoni through the forest to the Col de Sorba (1311m). You can then enjoy an incredible descent on a new road to Vivario, before heading over the remote and very pleasant Col d’Erbajo (910m) and descending to the hotel.

Classic Route: 119km with 1300m ascent [ride profile]
Challenge Route: 151km with 2300m ascent [ride profile]

Day 11: Aleria to St Florent

With the rising sun on your back, you leave the coastal plane and head gently up the Tavignano valley through an ever changing landscape to the town of Corte, once the capital of Corsica, and hosting an imposing citadel. From here you pass over the Col di San Quilico (560m) to the town of Ponte Leccia where you head off the beaten track on a narrow road that climbs, with some big views, to the Col de Bigorno (885m). The descent takes you to the port of St Florent where we stay for 2 nights.  As always there are options for making the ride harder. First thing in the morning you can detour to the church of Piedicorte-di-Gaggio (730m) before descending to Corte. Then you have the options of adding in the Col de Ominanda (653m) and the Col de Croce d’Arbitro (664m) before joining the Classic Route over the Col de Bigorno (885m)

Classic Route: 124km with 1400m ascent [ride profile]
Challenge Route: 144km with 2400m ascent [ride profile]

Day 12: Circular Route from St Florent

St Florent is an idyllic Corsican town so  anyone wanting a day on 2 feet as opposed to 2 wheels could enjoy a spot of exploring and taking advantage of the hotel pool.  That said, cycling around Cap Corse is one of the highlights of the week!  We do the loop anticlockwise, so get the climb up the Col de Taghime (552m) done first thing in the morning. After the descent to Bastia, you  join a spectacular road that undulates its way along the coast linking sheltered coves, for 30 km’s to the fishing village of Macinaggio. You then cross over the Col de la Sera (365m) to the west coast. This side of the peninsula is dramatically different and the road stays high linking hilltop villages and commanding great views.

Yet again there are options involving crisscrossing the peninsula two more times, over the Col de Notre Dame des Graces (368m) and the Col de Sainte Lucie (381m)

Classic Route: 129km with 1300m ascent [ride profile]
Challenge Route: 154km with 2000m ascent [ride profile]

Day 13: St Florent to Calvi

Leaving St Florent this morning, you climb through the geological chaos of the Desert des Agriates – another strikingly different landscape. After a fantastic descent, you head inland once more, on a very narrow road taking you through the isolated hamlet of Novella and up to the Col San Colombano (694m). The final part of this is on the old ‘main road’, which traverses the mountainside with big views of the coast to the North.

After lunching in Belgodere, join a ‘balcony road’ that winds its way around the mountainside linking remote villages, while remaining fairly flat for 25kms! Eventually, you descend to the historic town of Calvi, hopefully in time to explore the citadel and enjoy the sandy beach.

For challenge routers: Today’s first optional extra takes you in search of an even more spectacular view from the Col de Batailie (1096m), where there is a great restaurant for lunch. At the end of the day, the route can also be extended by continuing along the ‘balcony road’ a bit further to Calenzana.

Easier Route: 89km with 900m ascent
Classic Route: 104km with 1300m ascent [ride profile]

Challenge Route: 137km with 2300m ascent [ride profile]

Day 14: Calvi to Sagone

Regardless of your route choice, you will enjoy a fabulous last day on the bike today. Head off around the stunning NW coast road, which despite the fairly rough surface, is a highlight. It leads you into the Col de Palmerella (408m), which commands a great view along the rugged western coastline.

In the village of Porto its decision time: 1) continue on this spectacular road past the famous red cliffs of Piana to the Col de Lava (491m) OR 2) leave the coast and head for the highest road pass on the island – the Col de Vergio (1477m). Both options lead you down to our seafront hotel overlooking the Golfe de Liscia.

All that is left to do is enjoy a celebratory dinner and final glass of Pietra beer from our beach restaurant as the sun sets over the horizon. Happy Days!

Easier Route: lift to Galeria – 90km and 1300m ascent
Classic Route: 126km with 1600m ascent [ride profile]
Challenge Route: 157km with 2600m ascent [ride profile]

Day 15: Travel home

We offer included airport transfers back to Ajaccio Airport (AJA) at specified times.

We are also able to drop you at Ajaccio Port for any ferry crossing.