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We’re a certified B Corp™!

‘What’s a B Corp™?’ you might ask. Well, the ‘B’ in B Corp™ stands for BENEFIT – for all.

B Corp™ certification celebrates companies dedicated to putting purpose above profit: making business a force for good.

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Through a rigorous evaluation process, it identifies and rewards companies for their legally binding commitment to

  • customer wellbeing
  • care of employees
  • environmental responsibilities, and
  • philanthropic initiatives.

How is B Corp™ certification obtained and maintained?

Achieving B Corp™ certification requires surpassing a minimum threshold of 80 points in a comprehensive assessment conducted by B Lab (the folk behind B Corp™), a U.S.-based non-profit organisation with offices scattered around the world. B Lab guides companies to become better, contributing to the well-being of individuals, communities, and the planet, rather than solely prioritising their financial interests and those of their shareholders. Think of a world where the stakeholders – not just the shareholders – are valued and prioritised, and that’s pretty much B Corp™’s mission.

Points are allocated based on various criteria, including governance effectiveness, staff treatment, and contributions to communities, customers, and the environment.

Marmot Tours guided road cycling holiday team with arms waving 2023
Team Marmot

Our B Corp™ journey

Since our beginning in 2004, our ethos has always been about balancing profitability with our deep-seated commitment to being a responsible tour operator.

In 2023 we strengthened this commitment by achieving the B Corporation™ certification. The certification process has been intense! How intense? Think a year of preparation, some strategic changes, implementation, and rigorous assessment – that kind of intense! But it’s this complexity that enhances its value.

We’ve now joined a global community of nearly 4,000 like-minded, responsible, and ethical organisations using business as a force for good. And we’re in great company, joining the likes of Patagonia, FatFace, Alpkit, Berghaus, Innocent, Veja, Pukka, The Body Shop, Ben & Jerry’s, TOMS, Abel & Cole, and many more brands you may recognise.

We’ve distinguished ourselves from other businesses by prioritising our employees’ well-being, nurturing an ethical supply chain, and contributing to environmental initiatives.

Becoming a B Corp™ for us also meant actively supporting causes that resonate deeply with our team. Through a new partnership with 1% For The Planet, we commit to contributing 1% of our annual turnover – not profit – to environmental charities aligned with our values.

Our B Corp™ score

80 qualifies for B Corp™ certification.

50.9 is currently the median score for all businesses that undergo the assessment.

Drumroll … We scored 96.2!

Marmot Tours Road cycling holidays B Corp impact score graphic
To read the full breakdown of our impact score, head to our profile page on the B Corp™ website.

B Corp™ – what it’s NOT

It’s not about pretending that we’re perfect.

And it’s not about greenwashing in our marketing or in any of the ways we communicate with our cycling clients.

We’re incredibly proud of our B Corp™ certification, signifying our commitment to ethical and responsible practices as a leading cycle tour operator in Europe.

Yet, we recognise that we can be even better.

Continuous improvement and striving to go the extra mile is at the core of everything we do; it’s in our DNA. We welcome honest feedback and suggestions to make our cycling holidays even better – we always have and always will. Our journey (we promise to stop using that word now) towards excellence is ongoing, and the feedback we get from our fantastic clients is invaluable in shaping our future endeavours.

B Corp™ – what it IS

It’s recognition that you, as a keen cyclist, are coming on holiday with a company that is working its socks off to be a responsible tour operator in all areas of the business.

Every Marmot Tours cycling holiday is supporting our wonderful and hugely impactful environmental charity partners. That’s 1% from what you pay for your holiday, which goes directly to environmental causes.

And, every single one of our cycling holidays is conducted with the highest possible due care and attention to YOU when you come riding with us.

We’ve been rewarded for the quality of our holidays, our ethical marketing practices, our data privacy and security protocols, and (very importantly) our feedback channels. B Corp™ certification recognises our efforts to not only provide a cycling holiday with environmental purpose but also one where the quality of YOUR experience is always a top priority.

Cyclist enjoying snacks and drinks from support vehicle on Marmot Tours guided road cycling tour of Swiss Alps
Enjoying our second-to-none support on the road

Responsible travel in partnership

Our B Corp™ certificate is only made possible through amazing collaborations with some groundbreaking charities and partners. Our thanks and admiration go out to our partners listed below. Do check out their work, we’re sure you’ll be as impressed as we are.

1% For the Planet Logo
Avon Needs Trees Logo
City to Sea logo

But it doesn’t end there. Every three years, we’ll need to recertify. B Corp™ certification isn’t just about slapping a logo on our website, giving ourselves a pat on the back, and saying ‘Job done’. Our determination to make a positive impact on the communities where we run our cycling holidays, to measure, reduce and balance our carbon footprint, to support our 1% For The Planet charity partners, as well as caring for our employees is an ongoing, living process.

To sum up, being a B Corp™ means that when you come on one of our incredible cycling holidays, you’re supporting a business that views purpose above profit and you’re part of the movement to use travel as a force for good.

Thanks for coming on the adventure with us – it’s great to have you in the peloton!

Cyclist at cafe on Col de la Madeleine with Marmot Tours road cycling holiday Alps
Enjoying local hospitality at the Col de la Madeleine cycling in the French Alps

To read more about our sustainability values, carbon footprint, all the ways in which we’re trying to be a responsible tour operator, and everything we’re doing as part of our 1% For The Planet partnership, head over to our Sustainability page.