Marmot Tours Favourite Strava Widgets

Marmot Tours on Strava

So, following our launch, you’ve signed up to Strava and joined the Marmot Tours Club page. Maybe you’ve logged a ride or 2 and you’ve spent some time pouring over your statistics. Hopefully you are loving it!

The Joys of Strava

One of the joys of Strava is that whilst the basic feature-set is quite comprehensive, there are lots and lots of third-party add-ons, or ‘widgets’, that can help to tailor the experience to your specific needs. In this blog post we’re going to share with you a few of our favorites, and a few of the more interesting widgets out there.

Nearly there!

We’ve all been there: you get home from a group ride and log on to Strava to find that your riding buddy, who was recording the ride on their phone, has thousands more metres of elevation than you. That’s not fair! Fear not, there is a widget to correct it!

SNAP – tracking your ride

SNAP or Strava-Needs-A-Polish, to give it it’s full title, is a great little tool for those of you who record your ride data on your phones and are experiencing poor GPS tracking – usually resulting in spiky tracks where the signal has been erratic.

It allows you to upload your track, tweak it to iron out any imperfections, and then save a polished version to upload to Strava.



Whether you’re looking for that illusive ‘float’ day to smash the local TT course, deliberating if it’ll be too windy to run the deep section wheels on the chaingang ride or you’re holed up in the office with a blustery commute home ahead of you, MyWindSock will tell you exactly what the wind will be doing on any given course.

It’ll even show you historic weather data giving you the power to see what conditions your competitors faced when setting their best times. Sneaky!

This is one of the most useful widgets we’ve come across and has lots of potential.


Recording your Stats

Just paste in the url of your recent group ride and this natty little tool will pull out all the stats and create leaderboards with stats galore for various aspects of the data. This makes for great post-ride chat at the hotel.

Kudos this is a great site that takes your latest Strava ride and turns it into an animated movie, using Google earth 3D maps. You can then embed your movie in your blog, on your Facebook page, or just send it to your friends back home to make them green (or should that be orange?) with envy!

It will display certain stats like max speed and elevation etc, and even embeds any photos you took whilst out riding. Note, Relive works best in mountainous terrain where there is more to see. Create your own Relive movie by clicking here.

Improving your Experience

One of the joys of Strava is that the community is so vast and its developers are constantly striving (pun intended) to improve the user’s experience. There are heaps of widgets out there for all sorts of users, so jump online and have a search. You never know what interesting features might pop up soon!

If you’ve not yet joined the Marmot Tours Strava Club, come on over and let us know of any cool features you’ve found. See you there!