Marmot Tours Guided Cycling Holiday Reviews 2017 – What You Think of Us So Far This Season…

It is a great time to look at Marmot Tours client feedback from 2017, as we have just re-started our season after a 2 week break. We’ve been servicing the vans and the bikes and making sure we are all ready for the madness that is September and October!

Last year we started asking you to fill in a short feedback form to let us know what you thought of our service and to allow us to tweak anything that wasn’t as it should be.  It has been really helpful to get your reviews so thank you first of all!   The questions are fairly open ended and we invite you to rate our service as Excellent, Good, Fine, Unsatisfactory or Poor, and comment if you want to.

Reviews of Marmot Tours Cycling Holidays: Crunching the Stats

I am thrilled to report the following stats from the 173 questionnaires that have been completed so far this year:

How Did you find the Office Support?    86% EXCELLENT, 14% GOOD

How Do you Rate your Holiday Route & Itinerary?  85% EXCELLENT, 14% GOOD, 1% FINE

Was your Marmot Tours Holiday Good Value for Money? 73% YES – GOOD VALUE, 27% AS EXPECTED

How Would you Rate the Support of your Guides? 88% EXCELLENT, 8% GOOD, 4% FINE

How Was your Marmot Tours Experience Overall? 87% EXCELLENT, 12% GOOD, 1% FINE

We’re thrilled that you love what we are doing, and the proof of that is in our final statistic…. 91% of you would book another trip with us!    No pressure there then, for us to keep on improving 😉

Client Feedback: Polishing the Halo

The ratings are obviously great, but we love the comments more as they are so personal to you and your holiday experience, and it is them that make reviewing our feedback forms my favourite job!  I have posted a few nice ones about individual guides on our About page, under their profile information, but here are a little selection of lovely comments we’ve had in over the 2017 season so far…

Nothing but good things to say about you guys.” D Matter, Dolomites Minibreak 2017

I think that over the years Marmot has been constantly fine tuning the experience that it is as near perfect as it can be!” M Cameron, Raid Sardinia 2017

Oh how I didn’t want it to end… What a blast and great memories!”S Hurry, Alpine CC 2017

Having all the key decisions made for us and having continuous support through the rides meant that I could really just concentrate on riding and enjoying the breathtaking scenery.” D McCormick Alpine CC 2017

Already starting to think about next year, even tho I have one trip already booked later this year ;)” L Benn, Raid Corsica 2017

Fantastic scenery and great support from the Marmot team, the Raid was tough but hugely rewarding. I’ll be back!” J Jackson, Raid Pyrenean 2017

Please don’t change anything, it’s perfect.” M Guy, Raid Pyrenean 2017

The added flexibility of choosing rides each day makes your service particularly good.” K Isaac, Dolomites CC 2017

From beginning to end the organisation of the trip was first class.” D Wood, Raid Pyrenean 2017

Lots of advice, first rate support on the holiday and good accommodation.” D Strang, Dolomites CC 2017

I could go on but it is probably time to stop overindulging in satisfaction 🙂

Thank you for taking the time to let us know what you think.. we like to work hard and constantly want to evolve how we do things to make sure we stay at the top of our game, but like everyone, it’s great for us to know if we are getting it right.

Cathy, James & the Marmot Team