Emma Tiptaft

Assistant Guide (Road Cycling Holidays)

Hi, I’m Em, also known as Taffy and I am passionate about cycling. I am a Kentish bird, born and bred in the garden of England and live in Medway, Kent, home to Charles Dickens, Chatham’s Historic Dockyard and the beautiful North Downs.

I have been an active road cyclist for many years, before which I was a road runner, successfully completing 4 London Marathons. In 2008 a dodgy knee forced me to swap my running shoes for a pair of cleats, a helmet and two wheels and I haven’t looked back since. I spend most of my weekends cycling around the Kent countryside but when I am not on my bike, I continue to take pleasure from the great outdoors with my love of gardening and walking. I also enjoy performing stand-up comedy so if all else fails, I should at least be able to make you laugh.

I work full time in London as an Office Manager to a small property company so although I don’t come from a guiding background I enjoy looking after a team of people, making sure everything works and am very organised. You won’t see me without a post-it pad or a list!

I am happiest when on my bike but even I need a break from it now and then; so what better way to spend my time when not pedalling than to be surrounded by bikes, like-minded people, fresh mountain air, stunning scenery, stinky lycra, sweaty armpits and – most importantly – a van full of M&M’s, caramel nuts and that delicious fruit cake (you didn’t think all those goodies were just for you did you!?).

It’s going to be my absolute pleasure to support you on your cycling adventure and I look forward to meeting you soon.

What our cycling clients say about Emma…

Very eager to help, friendly and attentive. P Margetts. Raid Pyrenean 2019

Fantastic support. Very hard working and enthusiastic. Always keen to help out or answer any queries. A great guide! S Tobin. 100hr Raid Pyrenean cycling holiday 2019

Although this was her first trip as a guide, it certainly wasn’t apparent. Great support and humour and will undoubtedly go far as a guide. K Anderson. Raid Pyrenean cycling holiday 2019

I was amazed by the level of support and encouragement from James and Emma. First up, last to bed but always cheerful, encouraging and gave clear and practical information. Thank you both. Paul Ingram. Raid Pyrenean 100hr cycling challenge 2019

Enthusiastic, supportive and friendly. Emma’s cheery disposition, banter and constant encouragement was always welcome before and after a daunting col. Thank you Ems! M Molloy. Raid Pyrenean road cycling challenge 2019

The fact that Emma had done a number of Marmot Tours as a participant (including the Raid Pyrennes) meant she was able to offer some tips on how best to deal with the upcoming Cols. Em’s enthusiasm and incredible energy was something we all commented on and was something we all fed off, especially when things were getting really tough. M Grolimund. Raid Pyrenean 2019