Ervin Crnovic

Ervin Crnovic


Born and raised by the picturesque Lake Bled in Slovenia, I developed a deep love and appreciation for the natural beauty of my homeland from a young age. This profound connection to the outdoors and the breathtaking scenery of Slovenia inspired me to share these wonders with the world. To pursue this passion, I graduated from the Vocational College of Tourism and Catering, where I honed my skills in hospitality and visitor services.

Over the years, I have embraced a diverse array of roles within the tourism sector. My experience ranges from working as a tourist guide, where I introduced visitors to the rich culture and history of Slovenia, to representing a tourist agency that showcases the best our country has to offer. I have also guided tours around Europe, becoming very well familiar with neighbouring countries such as Italy, Austria, and Croatia. Additionally, I managed a ski school in the world renowned resort of Kranjska Gora, where I combined my love for snowboarding with my ability to create memorable experiences for winter sport enthusiasts. Furthermore, for one exhilarating season, I served as the official photographer for the Slovenia Biathlon Team, capturing the intense moments of this challenging sport.

In addition to my tourism career, my background as a DJ for 15 years has instilled in me a robust expertise in event management and promotions. This role not only enhanced my organizational skills but also fueled my passion for music, leading me to amass an impressive collection of good ol’ vinyl records.

I consider myself a multi-disciplined professional, which is a core part of my ethos. My interests are broad and include a deep appreciation for photography, outdoor sports, and music. Despite my busy schedule, I cherish spending all of my free time with my family and friends, enjoying the simple pleasures of life. My journey reflects a blend of professional achievements and personal passions, each shaping the person I am today. This synergy of experiences continues to drive my desire to excel in every facet of my life, always with a nod to the stunning Slovenian backdrop that started it all.

I shall look forward to meeting you and supporting you on your next cycling adventure!