Tom Cumming Marmot Tours cycling guide

Tom Cooney

Guide (Road Cycling Holidays)

Cycling has always represented freedom to me. Taught to ride a bike by my Grandfather when I was young, that pivotal moment had long since faded to a distant memory until by chance and many years later, I was lucky enough to re-live it through the silent eye of a rediscovered home movie. From the replay of that first day, I saw myself let go and set forth to fly, and have never looked back. Cycling has remained a large part of my life ever since; as a sport, a means of transport, a source of travel and adventure, and a way to make a living.

I can still remember my impulsive spirit as a young man, dissatisfied and restless after returning from travels in Asia and heading out from work on my lunch break to buy ‘that’ bike in the window with all the cash that I had. A week later, I was strapping on a bag and radio and flash-dashing fixed wheeled through the city streets as a bike messenger with that same boyish grin on my face. After a few hugely enjoyable years I moved on to work as a mechanic in various shops before heading to work at a store in Switzerland, which is where I discovered my love for the mountains, and the perverse pleasure that riding and suffering amongst them brings!

The last few years have seen me working for various cycle tour companies in a host of spectacular settings, from the bucket list locations of the Alps, Pyrenees and Dolomites, to the more adventurous Atlas mountains of Morocco and along the lesser known roads of Croatia, Bosnia Herzegovina and Montenegro, to name a few.

At Marmot there is another busy calendar for the season ahead and I look forward to meeting a great number of you, and doing all I can to ensure that you have a fantastic experience!