There’s a New Bike Box in Town and it’s perfect for your next European road cycling holiday with Marmot Tours!

Anyone who’s ever flown with a bike before will be familiar with the anxious wait at baggage reclaim – will it be damaged or won’t it? Just HOW damaged will it be?

The ShokBox

We let our own ‘baggage handler’ (aka James) loose on the newly released ShokBox to see just how they’ve reinvented the wheel, and why you need to know about it.

Putting the new ShokBox through its paces.

Shape & Structure

Whilst it may share a very similar shape to the common offerings from Polaris and Bike Box Alan etc, the ShokBox is moulded in such a way that there are very few flat surfaces. More curves means increased strength and durability, and with all of the usual ‘danger zones’ either eliminated or recessed and out of the way, you no longer run the risk of losing a handle, or wheel.

A moulded internal support structure prevents the box being crushed, comfortably supporting the weight of our in-house ‘baggage handler’.

Rather than use vulnerable quick-release skews like their competitors, ShokBox eliminate them altogether and instead use “seminal technology” to “suspend the frame and wheels in an amniotic type cavity to give ultimate protection for your bike.”

Deep recessed and integrated handles and lockable recessed catches put the vulnerable points out of harm’s way.

Handles & Wheels

Deep-recessed handles that are moulded into the structure offer both brilliant grip and added structural integrity. This also eliminates another vulnerable catch that will inevitably be bent or damaged in transit. This is a feature unique to ShokBox and makes the case infinitely more manoeuvrable for baggage handlers, meaning they’re less likely to struggle and in turn damage your box/bike.

Partly recessed wheels that rotate 360 degrees had no problem manoeuvring on our deep gravel driveway – so airports should be no problem.

The aforementioned catches and wheels are all serviceable too, allowing you to quickly and easily swap them out, should you need to.

Removable wheels allow for painless servicing, should the box sustain damage.

The Ideal Bike Box

Designed and built in the UK, Shokbox are confident that this is a game changer, and with a list of features and improvements that many of their rivals are missing, we can’t see why it won’t be. So if you’ve got a road cycling holiday planned with us and you’re yet to invest in a bike box for your pride and joy, we’d definitely recommend this.

We like it, a lot!