Travelling with a Bike with Hydraulic Disc Brakes

Road cycling challenges in Spain, Italy & France: Important Information

This is just a quick reminder to anyone bringing a bike on their Marmot Tours holiday or road cycling challenge that is equipped with hydraulic disc brakes.  Please please don’t forget to put in a pad spacer in the disc brake calliper.   The spacer prevents the pistons from extruding at all during transit.  If they do shift/extrude then you may be unable to re-fit the disc, meaning a re-bleed of the brake would be required.  This is a very technical job that can’t be undertaken by Marmot guides on the road, resulting in your bike needing to head straight to a bike shop for repair.  Not the way we would like your holiday to start, and totally avoidable fortunately 🙂

So, do invest in a few pad spacers (in case you lose one) and all should be hunky-dory!