What a Raid Pyrenean FEELS like…

Cycle the Raid Pyrenees with Marmot Tours

It’s always pretty hard to work out whether or not a particular trip or challenge is for you.   Even with the Marmot Tours ‘no stone left unturned’ approach (i.e. lots of detail!), you still don’t know what if FEELS like doing a Raid unless you have spoken to someone who has already done it.

We have had a couple of clients do a Raid Pyrenean with us this year who have written up their experiences into a blog and we are sharing them here so that you can understand more about this traverse of the French Pyrenees; why it is both fabulous and daunting, why you will feel euphoric, invigorated and exhausted in turn (or all at once!)

Firstly thanks to Martin Thomas who was on a June Raid Pyrenean run by Graham Hey and Debbie Devine,

Roon’s Raid

18 stone, out of shape and 13,000 metres of climbing in 4.5 days? Bring it on!

Secondly, thanks to Paul and Alix Archer for the write up of their June Raid Pyrenean, coincidentally also run by Graham and Debbie…


Happy reading!

PS, if what you read makes you think that it is too hard for you, then maybe start with the Pyrenean Classic Cols holiday and build up from there!