Your bike hire cost also includes a compulsory insurance policy which covers damage or breakage to the bike frame or any of the components or theft or loss of the bike. This was included in 2014 at the request of several clients who were not able to find a travel insurance policy that covered damage, breakage, theft or loss of their Marmot hire bike. It does mean you need to read some insurance ‘blurb’ which we usually like to minimise but which is a bit unavoidable here! In as simple terms as possible:

What the insurance does cover:

  1. Damage or breakage to the bike frame or any components (and their replacement / repair by Marmot Tours)
  2. Theft or loss of the bike

What the insurance doesn’t cover:

In case of an accident, Marmot Tours is not responsible under any circumstances for damages caused to the hirer (medical costs) or which the hirer causes to any third party (third party liability), or any other costs resulting from damage to the rental bike or theft/loss of the rental bike.

The insurance does not guarantee that Marmot Tours will be able to provide a replacement bike (or components in the case of irreparable damage) though every possible effort will be made to do so.

The insurance does not negate the hirer from the following responsibilities:

  • To let your guide know of any issues with your bike as soon as possible and to leave the maintenance of the bike to them.
  • To treat the bike with due care and attention when riding, parking, or storing it.
  • To ride the bike sensibly, in compliance with road traffic law and taking weather conditions into consideration.
  • To hold travel insurance that covers any third party liability and medical costs.

We will find your hire bike agreement on the Link after booking it, detailing both our and your responsibilities at the time of your rental, so you will be able to check this information and ask any questions that you may have before setting off on your holiday.