Running Excellent Road Cycling Holidays and Challenges - James Thompson Director

James Thompson

Operational Director

I have had many an adventure on a bike, both road bikes and mountain bikes.  I cycled 4000miles from the UK to Jordan once with 2 mates on a custom built tandem and single bike.  I can’t remember not having bikes in my life as they offered me independence when I was younger; a free way to travel round the countryside.  Cycling from Nottingham, where I was studying Environmental Engineering, home to my parents place in Cornwall never seemed like a mad idea at the time.

So you could say that I am passionate about cycling.   But this pales in comparison to my passion for providing the best possible cycling holidays for Marmot clients.  I love cycling up a col, but I love seeing a client arrive at the top of a col with a huge grin on their face even more.  To share in their achievements and to take pride in providing our clients with a constantly evolving and improving product is my goal.

Never really cut out for a desk job, my years of working as a guide for Exodus travels took me to places far and wide but I came back to settle in the French Pyrenees where Cathy and I lived for 9 years before we recently moved back to the UK.

I love maps and exploring, and carefully crafting routes that showcase an area. I am a perfectionist and take pleasure in the detail.  I don’t know still if I am cut out for a desk job but I do have a head for logistics and getting your support vans, hire bikes and guides to the right place at the right time is like a giant and satisfying game of chess.


I never expected Marmot Tours to grow into what it has become but I am incredibly proud of what we have achieved and will continue to evolve our company to be the best it can be.