Launching ‘The Link’: Marmot Tours User Portal

Launching at the end of October, The Link is a state of the art, online portal holding all of your Marmot Tours cycling holiday information in one place.   In numerous small and subtle ways (as well as a few obvious ones!) it will improve your experience of booking with us and help you keep on top of all the information you need for your Marmot Tours road cycling holiday or challenge in the mountains of Europe.

Working closely with the Yadda team in Bristol (who also designed our website), over several months we have carefully crafted a system that will remove the ‘clunky’ aspects of our historic booking system and leave you with streamlined, customised information on your holiday departure, at your fingertips.

You will register or logon to The Link to:

  • Have Easy booking – basic personal details saved from one booking to another
  • View Trip notes, Maps & Airport Transfer times for your holiday
  • View up to date invoices and any payments made / owed
  • Pay online by credit card (or find bank details for an online transfer)
  • Download your GPS files, packing list & forms for your holiday
  • ‘Meet’ your guides & other clients on your departure
  • Post questions to the Marmot Tours office
  • Countdown to the start of your holiday!
  • Subscribe to our newsletter

For new clients booking with us for the first time in 2018, you won’t know any other system and we trust that you will find the registration and booking process on The Link clear and easy plus enjoy the convenience of having all your holiday information in one place.

For our many repeat bookers, is revolutionary!  

  1. Log on to take a trip down memory lane and review all the Marmot Tours trips you have done to date, in your Holiday Portfolio.
  2. Customise your profile (optionally visible to others on The Link) and update your personal details as required, from name and address to dietary requirements.  This will all be securely stored and automatically infill on your next booking form (NB no payment information is stored). Please read our Privacy Policy for more information on how and why we store your details.
  3. Pay online direct from your Holiday Folder (credit/debit card).
  4. Post questions to the Marmot Tours office team
  5. Receive all your holiday paperwork and information into your ‘Holiday Folder’ on The Link, including your specific Airport Transfer Times, your Trip Notes, your GPS files, packing list and any other forms you might need.
  6. Optionally ‘meet’ the other clients on your particular departure date through ‘The Link’, with the chance of meeting up  / training with people pre trip, arranging joint travel to airports with other clients, posting questions for others in the group etc.

Is this a complete online booking system?

No, because…   We still want to manage your initial enquiries and holiday availability questions personally.  We want to make sure that we still offer the same full responses to your initial questions about what holiday is most suitable for you.  The process for finding out about spaces on a certain departure will therefore be the same up to the point of filling out your booking form…   The banter with Sabine, Catherine & Kate continues!

As we see it, the process for you will be:

  1. Be tantalised by the choice of road cycling holidays on our website
  2. Choose (with difficulty) the holiday you would like to do next…
  3. Email us to find out what spaces there are
  4. Get pencilled in to a spot for a few days whilst you make plans
  5. Register or Log On to ‘The Link’ to book your place when you know it is going to work for you
  6. Be wowed at the seamless system and stunning design of The Link (we hope)

A few people over the years have mentioned that having online availability would be helpful.   It certainly has its advantages and lots of other holiday companies and accommodation providers use that type of system.  We have thought long and hard about it but we feel that our most valued contact with you as clients comes at the initial enquiry stage.  We want to ‘meet’ you via email and find out what you are looking for.  We want to be able to use our experience to ensure you book on the best trip for you.   We believe that whilst you do have to wait for us to answer your initial enquiry email, the delay is a small price to pay for the quality of the service you receive from Kate, Catherine & Sabine in the office.

How does the website fit in?

Our website is our ‘brochure’… always in ‘print’, always (nearly always!) up to date, always there to tempt you!  It is home to all the juicy details on every itinerary, as well as our News / Blog and our Instagram feed.

Our website will have a hyperlink through to The Link so once you have browsed the website to your hearts content, you can click through to The Link to make your booking.

What do I have to do next?

Hold fire till the beginning of Nov then……

If you are already an existing Marmot Tours client, then sit tight and we will be in touch following the launch of the Link to tell you how to log on.  Your Marmot Tours trip history will already be on your profile, so you can take a little journey down memory lane and your existing bookings for next year will be there too.

If you are a new client that hasn’t booked with us before then you will be able to register directly onto The Link and will be guided through the booking process.  We are always here should you have any questions ([email protected])